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big feelings, little hearts & curious minds

A bit about me...Rosie

I support parents and practitioners to really, truly understand and support children, whilst also taking care of yourselves.

I have specialised in early years since 2007 when I did a post-graduate diploma in (educational) Psychology. This led to me then going on to qualify as an Early Years Teacher. Here I realised my strengths around emotional intelligence and how integral it is to truly observe and understand each unique child and to respond to their individual needs. I grew my knowledge and skills around phonics and reading and became a reading intervention teacher for struggling readers.

...But it was becoming a Mum that made me see where my heart was; working with babies, toddlers, young children AND their parents.

The relationship we have with our children is the most important relationship we will ever have. Yet it can be so hard to lead and navigate on your own. 

I also support Childminders - again, a hugely important role in a family's life. Childminders often work alone, and deserve the upmost respect and support. 

Parents, how can I support you?

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