About Me

Hi! Thanks for being here. I'm Rosie. I specialise in early childhood education and early child development. I work closely with parents in a variety of ways. I want to support you to feel more confident, connected and calm and in turn, help your children to thrive.

I share my knowledge and advice in a non-judgemental way in order for you to realise your potential as a parent and to feel empowered with how to support your child in their first five years of life, in every way.

I have over twelve years experience in early childhood development from a range of perspectives and roles. As well as being a mother of two that is!


I became fascinated with how children learn and after my degree, I studied a post-graduate diploma in Psychology before moving on to qualify as a teacher, specialising in Early Years. I became expert in teaching reading and phonics and loved how rewarding this was... BUT something was missing.

I felt disconnected. I didn't truly know the children, their lives, who they were outside of school. I felt saddened that sometimes by the time I was teaching these children, their most influential years had passed. That’s when I started working closely with families as a Childminder, nurturing and caring for babies and toddlers in that pivotal role whilst mum and dad returned to work.  I also trained as a Baby Massage and Baby Yoga teacher, sharing the full benefits of communication, movement and touch with parents and babies. 


And here I am now, supporting you in your journey. Through face to face classes, online coaching programmes and through individualised phone consultations I am here and I can’t wait to meet you.