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A bit about me...Rosie


As a teacher and coach I aim to support parents and practitioners to really, truly understand and support children in the ways that are needed, whilst also taking care of themselves:-

  • with empathy

  • through early communication skills

  • whilst maintaining boundaries

I have specialised in early years since 2007 when I did a post-graduate diploma in (educational) Psychology. This led to me then going on to qualify as an early years teacher. Here I grew my knowledge and skills around phonics and reading and became a reading intervention teacher.

...But it was becoming a Mum that made me see where my heart was, what my super power is, and what was really needed in the world.


I learned that in order for children to thrive, parents need support. The loneliness, the unknowns and the overwhelm can feel well...overwhelming!

How can I support you?

Workshops, coaching & courses