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Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Imagine being told that you’ve got a new job. The only thing is that you didn’t apply for it. You’re told that you’re moving to a new office to do something different. Only you can’t picture the place and you haven’t had a chance to meet any of the other people working there. Not only that but you haven’t had an interview so you aren’t sure what the job is.

Maybe you’d turn to your boss or colleagues and ask them, looking for reassurance and some level of confidence. Imagine these two responses.

Scenario 1:-

“Oh you’ll be absolutely fine! I’ve been there and it’s such a nice building, there are amazing offices with seating areas that have fish tanks and drink machines and the canteen is amazing!”

You ask your boss what the job is and express your concern about being able to do it. Their response is unwavering. “I’m absolutely certain you’ll be more than capable – you will slot right in and there. Plus the people are lovely - nobody will ask much of you until you’ve settled in. We will still be here if you need us!”.

Scenario 2:-

Your boss gives you a grimacing, unconvincing half smile. “No, I’ve never been there- I know, it sounds a bit scary doesn’t it….but I’m sure you’ll be fine…”

Now picture your child starting school or childcare.
We need to be mindful of how much Children can be affected by things that we think should be easy. I advocate parenting support that is REFLECTIVE, RESPONSIVE AND PROACTIVE to help parents get out of the cycles of simply being REACTIVE.

During settling in to childcare or school, Children need:

  • To visualize as much as they can – the people, the place and expectations.

  • To know they will be safe.

  • To know they will enjoy it.

  • To know you trust the people and place they are going.

  • To know that they are accepted just as they are.

  • To know that they will have a chance to settle in and it might take time.

  • To know that you will be there at the end of the day.

A big part of the settling in or transition process for children comes from them looking to us for certainty. The only way we can give them that is if we feel certain. The only way we can feel certain is if we are informed and confident ourselves.

I have created a whole host of free resources to help you and your child throughout the process of resettling or starting in childcare or school.

To receive them in to your inbox you’ll need to subscribe to the pop up box here on my website.

Then if you want to receive the rest as well as other support and tips, you’ll get a link to my private Facebook group.

It really is that simple – I want to help as many children and parents as possible at this tough time so have created these resources all for FREE.

They include:

  • A transition workbook – to create with your child all about their new setting which can be read like a story in the run up to starting.

  • Some journal prompts for you – to figure out and create clarity in your own mind about where the worries are and what you can do about them.

  • An ‘All About Me’ workbook to help your child think positively about themselves and the things they like. This can be used to help inform the setting about your child and their preferences and needs.

  • Calm activity workbook – a list of easy, calming activities to set up for when your child gets home.

  • Some practical advice and tips, including what not to do!

  • A visual aid to use in the mornings to help you get out of the house more easily!

I am a Childminder, ex-teacher and mum of two and have had so much experience from all perspectives with regards to transitions and settling children in. It’s a huge part of my role as a Childminder and as a Mum I have had heart wrenching experiences that I don’t wish upon anybody.

As I said – it’s all free – you’ll receive the first two as soon as you subscribe via email. Then you’ll get a link to come and join me in my Facebook group where you’ll receive the rest to download and will have a community of parents in the same boat, going through the same things. I’ll be there too to offer support over the coming weeks!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Much love


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