The Big Leap: Starting school and REAL school readiness

When your child starts school, whether it’s your first child or your last, it feels like

such a big, life changing time. It almost always feels like it has come around too fast. And as that first day of school approaches it can become an emotional time, even for those of you who have been counting down the days!

After a year of covid, it will feel even more poignant. Time has flown, yet stood still. The lack of events or big milestones like birthdays and holidays has left us feeling like the year has been lost. And here we are about to start school!

I am here to help you. This is totally my jam. Last year one Mum was so emotional as she said

“Thanks so much for your support Rosie. I felt like you held my hand the last week”.

How can I help you?

This year I am offering support across the whole summer in a variety of ways, including some amazing FREE support in the form of downloads, videos and emails.

I will also be offering an incredible coaching package called ‘The Big Leap’ to coach you through the transition before, during and after your child starts.

First though, I want you to get this incredible 23 page FREE e-book straight in to your inbox - just hit this button below.

The great news is that after a year of uncertainty, your child starting school is going to be one big milestone that you can focus on and make as positive and exciting as possible! Undoubtedly you will have a lot of questions around what is best, what to expect and when, and how your child will respond to the transition.

Within my blogs and emails (don't forget to sign up for them!) I’m going to outline some helpful tips that I have created to support you. I want to ensure that you are as proactive and positive as can be. My mission is to make it easier for both you and your child.

Tip 1


It is only too easy to assume that you know how your child will react or respond to starting school.

This might be based on our own experience of starting school, or based on how your child has been in the past. And these are good points to reflect on. However it is important not to assume or project these too strongly as we might just be leading things in a direction that might otherwise not happen! Being prepared for wobbles but expecting things to go well is the best place to start.

Tip 2


Be really conscious of how you speak about school in general and the school that they will be attending.

  • If you’re on a continued interest list for your preferred school, just wait until you KNOW for sure where your child will be going to school before you start talking to them about it. Even if that is a week before they start. That is better than filling them with the ins and outs of uncertainty for months beforehand.

  • Don’t talk about the whole starting school process negatively in front of them to friends and family.

They are listening!

  • Use positive and affirmative language.

  • Try to avoid using ‘big school’ or ‘when you are big’. Children are very literal and the idea of going somewhere ‘big’ can be frightening. They also don’t and won’t feel ‘bigger’ and it puts a level of pressure on them.

There is so much more that can be said around the transition to school. And this involves not just the weeks beforehand, but the days and weeks after they have started. Some children can have separation anxiety or fears around starting, others can have a delayed response to starting school which can be a big shock if you're not expecting it!

With this in mind, as well as the free 23 page e-book, you will also receive my FREE video training all about separation anxiety.

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Thanks for reading!

Rosie x

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